Marine Paints and Coatings

Creating components that hold up under the duress of harsh, wet conditions requires extensive development and testing. Through the years, Z Tech has developed multiple patented formulas to address coating issues in marine environments, leading the way in research and development to deliver the protection you need. Regardless of your specifications, Z Tech ensures your marine paints and coatings stand up to the test in durability and performance in even the harshest of conditions.

Marine Paints and Coatings

Marine environments call for tough protections. Z Tech's specialized barge void space coating offers the highest quality protection against corrosion and wear and tear for marine ballast tanks. Additionally, our selection of epoxy zinc and epoxy coatings keep the exterior of barge hulls protected against the threat of corrosion and salt damage. With Z Tech, you have the protection you need to make your equipment go the distance.

Why Work with Z Tech for Marine Paints and Coatings?

You need a reliable partner for your custom paints and coatings; someone you trust for consistent performance, on time deliveries, and excellent customer service. Z Tech works alongside our clients to develop your custom marine paints and coatings to meet all of your specifications, engaging in thorough testing and development along the way. Our services include:

  • On-site engineering, production, and distribution: Z Tech is equipped with state of the art labs and testing facilities, and our seven-acre campus is equipped for dry van, bulk liquid tanker, and rail service. We have an impeccable reputation in regard to shipping, and will distribute worldwide.

  • Multiple application options: We can engineer sprays, dips, and flow coats to cater to your manufacturing demands.

  • Engineering of specialty paints: We customize our formulations to your specifications, including UV, heat, chemical, corrosion, salt, and chip resistance. We also carry a portfolio of ASTM Standard paints and coatings with wide industrial applications.

  • Industrial coatings: Our industrial coatings include hard coatings, underbody and underhood coatings, automotive epoxy adhesives, polyurethane, PMMA, asphaltic coatings, and cavity wax.

  • And more

Get paints that perform from the experts at Z Tech. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us shore up your assets with marine paints and coatings.

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