Polyurethane Industrial Sealant

Protecting substrates from deteriorating processes is critical to maintaining the durability of a host of equipment and parts. Polyurethane industrial sealants add protection and longevity to substrates and, when used in combination with industrial paint or epoxy, will significantly reduce corrosion and abrasion while enhancing aesthetics. Z Tech skillfully develops and distributes the paints and coatings you need to get the job done. We work closely with our clients to ensure specification goals are in line with product performance for long-lasting results.

Polyurethane Industrial Sealant Applications

Polyurethane coatings add an additional layer of protection against UV damage, corrosion, and abrasion that shorten the lifespan of your equipment. They provide water tight, flexible protection in all conditions, for a wide variety of substrates, and significantly improve the lifespan and aesthetics of your equipment. Additional outer-layer protection via a polyurethane sealant is beneficial for many types of applications, including:

  • Gas and oil tanks

  • Marine applications

  • Commercial and Industrial Equipment

  • Aerospace and automotive

  • Waste management

  • Panel manufacturing

  • And more

When you want your equipment to go the distance, Z Tech helps take you there with high performance polyurethane industrial sealants. Our expert development, distribution, and customer service ensure performance you can count on, shipment after shipment.

Get the luster and longevity you need for equipment that lasts with polyurethane industrial sealants from Z Tech. Call today to schedule your free consultation and get paints that perform with service you trust.

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