Oil and Gas Industrial Coatings

When it comes to oil and gas drilling, component failure isn’t an option. Corrosion leads to shut-downs, explosions, and high risk incidents - something you can ill afford. Z Tech utilizes state of the art technology to develop coatings that protect your oil and gas discovery components for ultimate protection, ensuring long lasting protection and safe operation of your downhole components.

Keep Corrosion at Bay with Industrial Oil and Gas Coatings

Harsh downhole, above ground, and sub-sea conditions demand a tough coating to give your components a competitive edge in lasting performance. Z Tech engineers coatings for multiple metallic substrates, giving your parts the protection necessary to hold up against corrosion, high pressure, water, and other damaging exposure. Our applications include:

  • Specially engineered formulas for application to post-manufacturing transportation pipes
  • Tube and drill pipe anti-corrosive clear coats
  • Coatings for syntactic foam for deep water risers, with adherence above and below 5,000 feet
  • Fast dry clear coats for offshore oil rig drilling segments
  • Dips, sprays, and flow coats for maximum adherence and protection
  • Customized formulation of industrial coatings in our state of the art lab for ongoing development
  • Protection against corrosion, moisture, salt spray, oxidation, and abrasion
  • Epoxy, PMMA, and polyurethane coats for long lasting and fast drying protection for above and below ground components

Don’t leave your component durability up to chance. Get coats and paints that perform from the experts at Z Tech. Contact us today for a free consultation and get the protection you need for lasting performance of your industrial oil and gas coatings.

Engineering Protection With Paints That Perform

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