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Expertly Engineered Coatings & Paints

industrial paint

Industrial Paints

Resist corrosion, heat, chemicals, salt, and more with customized formulas engineered for you.

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industrial coating

Industrial Coatings

Tough protection in the harshest environments with epoxy, polyurethane, PMMA, hard coatings, and more.

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custom paint

Custom Paint & Coating Manufacturing

Expert development and testing capabilities guide our specialized formulations to meet your specs.

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paint engineering


Our wide array of existing paints and coatings provide the protection you need, meeting ASTM standards for all conditions.

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Z Tech's superior customer service and thorough research and development techniques provide our clients with viable solutions for their supply chain and manufacturing challenges. Read one of our success stories HERE.

Industrial Paint & Coating Experts

Your industrial paint supplier is more than a vendor; they are a partner in delivering the products that define your reputation as a company. It’s your responsibility to make sure that every component you produce meets specs. It’s our job to help you get there by providing industrial coatings and paints that perform, giving you the protection you need to ensure the quality of your work. At Z Tech, we don’t just sell paint. We engineer protection.

Come to the industrial paint and coating experts at Z Tech to get the coverage you need with paints that perform. Call today to schedule your free consultation, and secure revolutionary protection for everything you create.

Engineering Protection With Paints That Perform

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