Rail Car Paints and Coatings

The world's supply chains rely on rail, and it’s critical that rail cars are manufactured with proper industrial paints and coatings for high-demand specialized jobs. Z Tech understands the unique demands of the rail car manufacturing industry, and works hand in hand with our clients to deliver paints and coatings that give the protection needed for the specified demands of every variety of rail car. Our experts combine years of experience with state of the art engineering capabilities to deliver high performing rail car paints and coatings.

Why Choose Z Tech for Rail Car Paints and Coatings?

Z Tech engineers our formulas to meet the specifications of every industry and performance demand, ensuring your paints and coatings provide the protection you need for safety, longevity, and function. We partner with our clients to ensure consistency in products and distribution to keep your manufacturing lines running optimally. Choosing Z Tech as your supplier for rail car paints and coatings provides a host of benefits, including:

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    State of the art development and testing labs

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    Protection against UV, chemicals, corrosion, salt, chips, and wide temperature variations

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    Low and No VOC options

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    Fast drying options

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    Excellent customer service

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    Dependable and flexible distribution

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    And more

Z Tech has manufactured multiple formulas specific to the rail industry, including:

  • Direct-to-Metal one coat durable coatings
  • Primer Top Coat for Autoracks
  • Specialized formulas for particular applications within the rail industry

Manufacturing is a demanding industry, and there is no room for poor performance. Selecting the right supplier and partner for your industrial paints and coatings is critical to your success. Our experts provide the quality and consistency in products and services you need to ensure quality in your processes.

Z Tech is your trusted source for paints that perform, delivery after delivery. Schedule a free consultation for all your rail car paints and coatings.

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