Case Study

A Solution to Sourcing

With today's supply chain issues, companies struggle to maintain supply for ongoing operations. Z Technologies has an impeccable record for on-time deliveries and reliable sourcing, ensuring clients can stay optimized for manufacturing at all times.

Z Technologies was approached by an international manufacturer who was having difficulty sourcing coatings for five of their plants in the South Eastern US and Mexico. Due to supply chain and quality issues with their current vendor, this prospect decided to add to their current vendor network and selected Z Technologies as a viable option to replace their incumbent supplier.

Coatings that Exceed Expectations

Upon reviewing the prospect’s product fitness and supply requirements, our lab was able to design a coating which exceeded this company’s published requirements while saving them on their overall paint spend.

Z Tech performed a line survey at each plant to identify similarities and differences between their application methods, finishing systems, and packaging requirements. This allowed a successful implementation at each plant with the same paint with only minor adjustments to their current process.

After each line survey, Z Tech and our new client were able to successfully PPAP automotive drive axle components and obtain an approval for paint use from the end automotive user.

Scalable Distribution for Successful Sourcing

Z Technologies maintains international distribution capabilities and top of the line research and development resources to ensure our paints are consistent in quality, with the quantity necessary to meet the manufacturing needs of each and every client.

Once the change over was complete, Z Technologies has been able to successfully distribute over 9000 gallons per month to five client sites with 100% positive client feedback.

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