Industrial Paint Formula Selection

Developing formulas that meet your specs and work with your manufacturing process requires expertise. At Z Tech, we utilize years of experience and knowledge, as well as our extensive in-house development and testing, to create paints that meet and exceed industry specifications. Our thorough development and customer-driven approach ensure a successful partnership during the manufacturing process.

Our Industrial Paint Types

Z Tech specifically designs and manufactures our paints to provide the performance you need, which means we utilize a spectrum of paint choices to achieve the quality necessary to meet requirements. We take into consideration the substrates for application as well as the demanded performance of each paint in constructing a formula for use. Our patented formulas may use any of the following paint types:

  • Metal Primers
  • Acrylic Based Paints
  • Latex Based Paints
  • Oil Based Paints

Our Industrial Paint Type Selection Criteria

Z Tech specially formulates industrial paints and coatings to meet specs, gearing our formula selection process around the product and environment. Our criteria include:

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    Manufacturing speed and necessary drying rates

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    Performance demands, including corrosion, heat, salt, chemical, UV, and chip resistance

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    Industry specifications

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    Aesthetic demands

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    Lifespan of paints and parts

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    Safety standards

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    And more

Utilizing a full spectrum of industrial paint types, Z Tech relies on years of experience and quality engineering and testing to deliver paints that perform, shipment after shipment. Our high tech lab, in addition to our research and development staff, ensure an expert approach at every point in the development process. With our personalized customer care and distribution capabilities, Z Tech is the perfect partner for your industrial paint formula development.

Don’t leave your performance to chance. Ensure the right industrial paint formula by partnering with the experts at Z Tech. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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