ASTM D1640 Dry Time Rated Coatings

The speed with which your paints and coatings dry has a critical impact on manufacturing capabilities. It's important to accurately measure dry-to-touch time to ensure your coating applications provide the drying speed necessary to maximize your efficiency. Z Technologies utilizes ASTM D1640 standard testing to assess dry time capabilities for all our formulas, and works to ensure your products provide the performance necessary to meet your specifications. At Z Technologies, we are dedicated to the quality of our paints and the satisfaction of our customers, and demonstrate that devotion with every on-time delivery of consistently performing products.

On the production line, time is money. Ensure your paints and coatings meet necessary dry-to-touch time specifications to optimize your operations. Contact Z Technologies today to get quality ASTM D1640 approved testing, in addition to any other specifications you may need.

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